Philosophy 0540: Syllabus

The PDF version of the syllabus also contains the information that follows.

Office Hours

There are five hours of office hours each week:

Generally speaking, these function as opportunities to ask questions individually, though if several people arrive at once, they can become group-oriented, since different people often have similar questions. You can go to office hours to ask questions of any of the instructors.

For email addresses and so forth, please see the page with information on the instructors.

Q&A Sessions

There are three `Q&A' sessions held each week:

These are group-oriented opportunities to ask questions and typically will involve the instuctor working through examples. You can attend any one you wish and as many as you wish. Specifically, you do not have to attend the session that is led by the person who grades your problem sets.

Please note that the Q&A sessions will begin on Monday, 11 September.

Course Meetings

6 September Section 1: Introductory Meeting, Statements
8 September Sections 2-5, 7: Sentential Connectives
11 September Sections 6, 8: Truth-functions, Paraphrase
End of material covered by Problem Set #1: Due 18 September
13 September Section 9: Interpretation
15 September Sections 10-11, 13: Validity, Etc
18 September Section 14: General Laws
20 September Sections 14, 16: General Laws, Expressive Adequacy
(Note: To read section 16, you will also need to read section 15, on 'disjunctive normal form'. But you will not be responsible for that material.)
End of material covered by Problem Set #2: Due 27 29 September
22 September Review Session
25 September Section 16: Functional Adequacy
27 September Introduction to Quantification Theory
29 September Sections 18-19: Monadic Quantification
2 October Sections 20-22: Monadic Paraphrase
End of material covered by Mid-term Examination
4 October Section 23: Interpretation
6 October Section 24: Validity, Etc
End of material covered by Problem Set #3: Due 18 October
9 October

No Class: Indigenous Peoples' Day

11 October Review Session
13 October Mid-term Examination
16 October Section 27: General Laws, More on Interpretation
18 October Introduction to Polyadic Quantification Theory
20 October Sections 28-9: Polyadic Paraphrase
23 October Section 29: Polyadic Paraphrase
25 October Section 29: Polyadic Paraphrase
End of material covered by Problem Set #4: Due 1 3 November
27 October Review Session
30 October Section 30: Interpretation
1 November Sections 30-31: Interpetation, Validity
3 November Review Session
6 November Sections 31-32: Validity, Etc
End of material covered by Problem Set #5: Due 13 15 November
8 November Section 33: Deduction
10 November Section 33: Deduction
13 November Section 33: Deduction
15 November Sections 33-34: Deduction
17 November Sections 33-34: Deduction
20 November Sections 33-34: Deduction
22 November Review Session
24 November

No Class: Thanksgiving Holiday

End of material covered by Problem Set #6: Due 27 November 1 December
Gaurav Manek, a Brown student who took Logic in 2015, has written
a "deduction checker" that can be used to, uhh, check your deductions.
You can find it here. Details on how to use it can be found here.
27 November Sections 33-34: Deduction
29 November Section 41: Identity
1 December Section 41: Identity
4 December Section 35: Soundness
6 December Section 35: Soundness
End of material covered by Problem Set #7: Due 12 December
8 December Review Session
19 December, 9:00am Final Examination

Richard Heck Department of Philosophy Brown University