Philosophy 1630: Requirements

There will be a mid-term examination on 14 October, in class, and a final examination, during the final examination period, on 15 December at 2pm. There will also be nine problem sets.

Final grades will be determined by a variety of factors.

Problem sets are due in class on the day specified on the syllabus. I will not accept late problem sets. On the other hand, you will find that I am quite prepared to grant extensions, so long as they are requested in advance, that is, at least twenty-four hours prior to the class in which the problem set is due. Extensions will not be granted after that time except in very unusual and unfortunate circumstancess. Please note: Because I am so willing to grant extensions, exploitation of my reasonableness will be taken badly.

Let me emphasize again something said above. As with any mathematical subject-matter, it is impossible to learn this material without doing a lot of exercises. The book contains many more exercises than are assigned, and students are encouraged to do additional exercises to improve their understanding of the material. Students are also encouraged to work on the problems together—though, of course, submitted material should be a student's own work.


Richard Heck Department of Philosophy Brown University