Philosophy 1890d: Theories of Truth

Course Structure

The course will meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1pm, in Rocekfeller Library, Room A9. Typically, there will be lectures each day, but some days (usually Fridays) will be devoted to discussion. On such days, students should arrive appropriately prepared with questions, comments, or criticisms. Otherwise, it will be very quiet.


We are going to be reading advanced, difficult material (some of it legendarily difficult). This is not a course for beginners.

We shall also be reading and discussing a good deal of formal (mathematical) work on truth. Phil 0540, or something equivalent, is an essential prerequisite. Even more of a prerequisite, however, is that students should be comfortable with mathematical argumentation, that is, with proofs. If you have doubts about your preparation in this respect, please speak to the instructor before deciding to take the course for credit.


Warning: I do not accept late work, under any circumstances. On the other hand, I am extremely flexible about due dates. That is to say: If someone should need an extra day or two, she need only ask; no reason need be given. If someone should need more time than that, then some reason does need to be given, but the request will usually be granted. Since I am so flexible, there can be no excuse for one's not asking for an extension. It's really just a matter of respect.

Richard Heck Department of Philosophy Brown University